Posted by: Chris | February 1, 2010

To Bid Or Not To Bid…

While surfing ebay earlier today, I came across an interesting item. It’s a ticket from Jeff Samardzija’s first ever career save. The seller wants $25 dollars for it but has a best offer option so I may see how low I can get him to go on it. After comparing prices though to some other tickets from major league player’s events (i.e. first major league game) And the price point seems quite steep compared to other tickets of more popular players.

So the question I have is, to bid or not to bid? I may make the seller some kind of offer and see what he’s looking to get for it, but for $25 dollars, I could do much better.

Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?



  1. $25 seems a bit steep, but if it’s a must-have item you should go for it. How many people saved the ticket from Jeff Samardzija’s first career save?

    I don’t see any downside to trying to make a better offer, though.

  2. I am w/ Paul.

    I do think it is a bonus to get a tix that has a player photo on though.

    the other thing to consider is how long you would have to search for this card if you don’t get it now.

    to me $10 is more than fair for this item.

    You could get the UD Documentary card from the game. somebody would probably pay you $10 to take it off their hands.

  3. It looks like it was an away game in Maimi. If that was the case there are probably not many of those tickets out there to be found.

    But before you buy it check and see what kind of autos you can get for the same $25. Go with whichever you ilke better.

  4. Deal, that’s a good idea I hadn’t thought about the documentry card of his debut, I don’t own any Samardzija doc. cards so that would be fun to look for.

    Adam- yes it was in Miami against the Marlins. almost 60% of Jeffs autos can be had for less then 25 dollars but the problem is that I have pretty much all the cheap ones and they don’t come up very often. I make make the seller a $10 offer and see what happens next.

    Ill be sure to keep everyone updated on how this goes

  5. great!!!!!!!

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