Posted by: Chris | February 1, 2010

From The Friendly Confines Of My Mailbox

Ok, I am doing my best to catch up on all my maildays, they seem to keep piling up on me so expect to see a lot of mailday posts this week.

I recieved a package from CW Peterson who is a big Brewers fan so naturally we had no problem setting up a trade. His package absolutely blew me away. I knew that he was a generous trader, but I had no idea that he was going to be THIS nice…

Let’s start with the wax he sent me without telling me. one pack of 07 UD First Edition, and one pack of 07 Fleer. I will be busting these tonight and see if I can’t pull of Cubbie or two.

I have never recieved so many refractors and parallels in a single trade before. I picked some of my favorite so show here, including the Maddux numbered /250 and the Juan Pierre /150

Finally, check out all the hits he sent me! WOW I was shocked by his generosity. Here’s a list of the players:

Russ Rohlicek auto- on card auto!

Greg Maddux jersey

Billy Williams jersey- On the back it says this was a jersey he wore when he was a coach for the A’s that is something pretty cool, I’ve never seen something like this before. Awesome

Mark Prior jersey- if you look closely, their is a pinstripe at the top of the jersey piece and visibile dirt stains on it..doesn’t get much better then that on a plain white jersey, am I right?

Ryan Harvey bat

Thanks again for the great trade! This was deffinitly one of the funnest maildays to recieve in a while!


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