Posted by: Chris | January 31, 2010

Top 20 Prospect List For Each Team Is Out

Today the list of top 20 prospects for each individual team was released, according to You can check out the lists here. You can check out the top 20-25 prospects for any team you choose, and you can compare them to other teams in the division, to see how your team stacks up.

As a huge Cubs fan, I like to see how our minor league system is doing and what kind of talent I can expect to see in the next couple of years. I just hope starlin Castro isn’t all hype and that people haven’t started to give up hope on Josh Vitters, because he is only 20 years old.

How does your team’s top prospects list look?



  1. The Mets have some interesting players, but nobody that’s going to be very helpful in 2010.

  2. Same deal with the cubs…they have some good guys coming, but none of our top 20 is even in AAA yet and only like 5 of them are in AA so it’ll be awhile for our prospects to come through

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