Posted by: Chris | January 30, 2010

Well, If Everyone Else Is Doing It….

Last night I decided to explore the magical world of and see what all the hype was about. I have read that many other bloggers and collectors love checkoumycards because its easy to acquire singels of cards your looking for.

For the most part,  I was quite imprest with the selection of cards they had and that they used a scan of the card, instead of a stock photo. However, the huge problem with COMC is the shipping charges. They charge $3.00 for the first card and 25 cents for each additional card! Holy crap come on! I understand that they have to make a profit from this and that supplies cost money, but their has got to be an easier way then to completely rip off the buyers, right?

Let’s analyze this for a second and see just how much COMC is making off of shipping; We shall say that I am purchasing 20 cards from them. Shipping would come out to be $7.75. Now, 20 cards would easily fit inside the smalles buble mailer sold at Target or Walmart for about 80 cents or a dollar with tax. Next up, supplies. You figure they would use about 20 penny sleeves for 20 cents, 2 team bags for 20 cents, and maybe 4 toploaders, I buy 25 toploader packs at my card shop for 1.99 so that would come out to about 8 cents a toploader. So the total cost for supplies would be about 56 cents. So the total cost of mailing and protcting supplies would be about $2.00 which is less then the cost of shipping one card.

My final take- If COMC did something about their shipping charges, you can definitly expect me to be a frequent customer their. I love the layout of the site. It’s easy to use, great photos of every card, the make an offer option is perfect for guys trying to save get a discount, and their shouldn’t be any problems with not recieving your cards because COMC already has them at their store, ready to go. Who knows, I may just bite the bullet on shipping charges and buy from them, they have some nice Samardzija cards I need.


  1. You’re forgetting that somebody has to be paid to pull those cards, package them and mail them to you. They’re not ripping you off, exactly, but I don’t see that they’re better than the storefronts or eBay.

  2. Yea I get that they have to make a profit from all of this and everything, I just think that their must be an easier way to do it then charge ridicouls amounts for shipping. As of right now, Im sticking with ebay but I can already tell you Im leaning towards COMC…I’ve never used the beckett store so I couldn’t say about that, is it worth checking out, Pual?

  3. I like the beckett stores only if the seller has a lot of what you need. Like I found a dealer who had 7 cards I needed. The total for the cards was $7 & shipping was extremely reasonable @ $2.73.

  4. I agree. I wanted to get into checkoutmycards but couldn’t get past the shipping.

    It seems to me a good business practice is to encourage you to buy more, but checkoutmycards doesn’t offer much incentive to do that from what I can see.

    How is it tons of ebay sellers have shipping caps or lower and lower shipping costs as you buy more, but a big place like checkoutmycards doesn’t?

    If you are buying cards that cost over $5.00 each it seems like a good site, but cards under a buck aren’t worth it to me because of the steep shipping.

    It’s interesting how passionate people are about COMC. People tend to love it or have zero interest.

  5. I suppose if I was a set builder It would be easyer to use COMC then buy the ones I needed off ebay, but otherwise Its just not worth it being a player/team collector, It would probably be cheaper to buy off ebay in the long run. I think COMC would be better served charging one flat rate for every, lets say, 50 cards you buy from them.
    Filed of cards has a good point too, the way COMC is set up, they are discouraging buying multiple cards with the way they charge for shipping, which will hurt them more in terms of revenue as opposed to charging more for shipping.

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