Posted by: Chris | January 30, 2010

Help A brother Out Please

Ok, without trying to sound like those annoying pitchman, or worse, a guy trying to unload crap on the beckett message boards, I need to clear out some extra cards I have to make room. Allow me to explain in further detail…

Over the summer/fall, we added on to our garage and expanded the room above it, which was connected to our man cave, AKA my baseball card room. Well, the garage and spare room are pretty much done contruction wise, so now we begin painting, re-carpeting, etc. So I must clear out all the stuff in their which included my boxes and piles of baseball cards. Our space is quite limited for storage so I am trying to liquidate my card collection, mainly the unwanted team cards and game used relics. My goal is to cut down one 3200 count box worth of cards when all is said and done. I kind of need to do this fast because we begin clearing things out next weekend so for you guys, the collectors, I have a special offer for you all;

I have anywhere from 100-as many as 400 cards of any team in the league, all consisting of base inserts parallels etc from the late 90s to 2009. If you would like any of these team lots, I ask in return one of the following: Any Cubs relic or autograpgh card. I don’t care how good the player was or how long he played for the Cubs, I want it. For every Cub hit you are willing to trade, I will give you 100 cards of the team of your choice, as well as any hits of that team I have too.

If you are trying to complete any of the following sets, 2007 Topps, 2007 Upper Deck or 2008 Upper Deck, Send me your wantlist. I will give you as many cards from the set as I have and in return all I ask for is one or two Cubs inserts, numbered cards or 90’s inserts, no matter how many cards I have for your set, even if I have 100 cards of the set your trying to complete.

Finally, please, please PLEASE check out my for trade section at the top of the blog, If you see something you like, odds are its yours. If you have any cards of the following players; Nomar Garciaparra, Jeff Samardzija, Dan Haren, Roger Maris, Kevin Hart and are interested in trading it, then I will basically give you the pick of the lot in the trade section. Check out the for trade section, its free to look and it won’t hurt one bit!

If you are looking for relics or autos of a certain player or team and don’t see it listed anywhere, send me an email and ask, their is a good chance I might have it laying around somewhere and a good chance I’d be willing to trade it.

Thanks alot for your interest and support! I really hate to write posts where I try to market my cards off, but If I wanna keep my collection going, I have to clear some space so I don’t get nagged about my cards being all over the place and a hassle and all that stuff you guys get from the rest of your family. I promise tomorrow to write 2-3 posts featuring some cool stuff, as well as a few trades I got this week and another post on “The Other Guy” featuring the rookie card of the newest Hall of Fame member. Stay tuned for all the fun!

If you don't take my cards...This could be ME!


  1. I’m looking for any jose cansecos, I have a cubs relic from 08 UD X of Wood and a Topps Nomar topps pristine bat relic. Email me if either or both sound interesting

  2. I’m interested. I’m also interested in the Will Clark and Blalock from your tradelist if they’re still available. I’ll let you know what Ive got for your consideration in a day or so. I’m interested in Rangers by the way. Thanks.

  3. Orioles and Dodgers??

  4. I have lots of Nomars, however mostly in Sox unis. I’ll send you an email.

  5. Roy- Email sent

    William-If you want Dodgers, I’ve got about 80-90 Dodgers and I found a few more O’s to send you too, send me an email and we can work something out

    Play at the Plate-Both those cards are still available so just send me an email whenever you get a chance

    JBob-email sent. Thanks

    Thank again everyone, this helps out alot. I hate to use my blog to market off my collection but this has to get done. I appreciate it

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