Posted by: Chris | January 29, 2010

SPX Shadow Box Inserts….Why Not Baseball?

Ever since Mario at Waxheaven broke the news about these amazing new inserts in 2009 SPX football called shadowbox inserts, I have been in love with the look and concept of the cards and have tried to get my hands on a Blackhawks card like Kane, Toews or Esposito but have failed because of the insane value over them because of their 1 per case odds. I was absolutley crushed to find that Upper Deck made this beautiful inserts for both football and hockey, but left out baseball, the sport that started their company and is also home of their most iconic card, the 1989 Griffey Jr. Rookie.

So, my question is, with the huge popularity in these cards, will Upper Deck, coming off a loss of licensing, step it up and produce shadow box cards in their 2010 SPX baseball release? How many of you out their would give rather see 2010 baseball shadow box cards this year then a product like say, A piece of history or SP authentic? I realize these cards are expensive to make because of the technology that is used, so maybe if Upper Deck cuts out 1 or 2 less favorable products like those mentioned above, they would be able to do a shadow box insert set for baseball this year.

If you are interested in Upper Deck releasing shadow box inserts for baseball cards this year, please, leave a comment and tell us why you like shadow box cards and why they are so much more interesting and different then say, a boring useless parallel from a worthless product like UD Icons or Sp authentic. Write it like your talking directly to Upper Deck, tell them why you want to see this truely amazing, one of a kind inserts this year.

Here is a video made by Mario featuring an amzing looking shadow box prototype card,if you have any doubts on the amazingness of this insert set then please watch this video to see what I mean about the cards.


  1. Chris yes these cards will be inserted 1 per case in 2010 Upper Deck SPx Baseball. See for product details.

  2. THANK YOU! I am so glad to here that, expect me to buy a TON of boxes of this stuff when it comes out…maybe I’ll do a group break of this stuff perhaps? Thanks again for the info

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