Posted by: Chris | January 24, 2010

2010 Topps Packs 3 And 4

here are the final results of packs 3 and 4:

pack 3


Joe Saunders- Angels

Matt Latos- Padres

Frank Francisco- Rangers

Howie Kendrick- Angels

Dan Murphy- Mets

Jason Grilli- Rangers

Adam Jones- Orioles

Adam Dunn- Nationals


Topps Town- Ryan Howard

Peak Performances- Tim Lincecum

Legendary Lineage- Mickey Mantle and Chipper Jones

NL ERA Leaders- Carpenter, Lincecum, Jurrjens

pack 4


Matt Lindstrom- Marlins

Gordon Beckham- White Sox- I hate the new rookie cup logo it looks really weird.

Coco Crisp- Royals

Randy Johnson- Giants

Jack Cust- Athletics

Chris Coghlan- Marlins

Chicago Cubs- best base card I got.


Topps Twon gold- Adam Jones

Hostory of the Game- Loug Gehrig- I really like these inserts and would ove to have more of them

When They Were Young- Russell Martin- Not completely sold on this idea ,but I like were topps is going with it and it has some potential

Red Sox Beantown Backhand- This is actually a checklist. You know, those things 90% of all collectors end up throwing out with those stupid Topps of the class things they stick in packs, well im really glad Topps finally did something cool with those checklists

Million Card Giveaway- I’m a little confused on this, When I went to the website on the back, it says that the cards are vertual, does that mean I really didn’t win anything? These cards sell on ebay for a few bucks though, so I’m not sure. If anyone has any info on it let me know.

Final Take: I’m not completely sold on the base design yet, I think it’s a step down from last years but a huge improvment from 2007 and 2008 Topps which is good. I think the inserts are pretty nice buttheir is deffinitly room for improvment there so we’ll see how Topps does with series 2. Will I buy more? Of course, I’m addicted to cards, but I will probably hold out for a blaster or something. Anyone seen any blasters yet?



  1. Just read this from Collectors Universe, who got it from Beckett: The other exciting thing is going to be in our Topps Series 1, Series 2 and I think Updates and Highlights as well. We’re launching the Topps Million Card Giveaway. You know how everyone says “my mother threw out all my cards?” Well, now Topps is giving back all those cards that your mother threw out.

    We’re buying back a million cards and they’re going to be available in our packs through online codes. We’re going to have at least one of every base card we’ve ever produced available. Every 1952 card, every 1953 card…at least one of everything. There are about 38,000 different base cards that we’ve done over the years and that doesn’t quite get us to a million, so we have multiples of many of them. We’re going to have some autograph cards, some Relic cards, some really interesting cards. We have some Willie Mays rookie cards, some that are autographed, so there’s going to be a lot of great, interesting items.

    The way it’s going to work is that one in six packs of Topps Series 1 and Series 2, you will get a code and you’ll take that code online and that will unlock your actual vintage card that you will be getting. It’s not a digital card. You’ll unlock it online but what you’ve won is an actual vintage card that Topps has bought back. You can get it delivered if you want, when you want. The other thing you’ll be able to do is trade that card.

    -so in short, it’s like eTopps, except with vintage cards.

  2. Thanks for the info Chuck! That’s pretty cool then, I hope I won a ’52 card! Even if it’s just a nobody that’d still be pretty cool.

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