Posted by: Chris | January 23, 2010

From The Friendly Confines Of My Mailbox-Biggest Mailday Ever

So the other day I get the mail and find that it is overflowing with packages! In addition to all the junk mail and useless catalogs, I recieved four bubble mailers from trades, one TTM success, and an ebay purchase! Enough talk, here are the four trades I recieved:

The first package comes from Adam over at Thoughts and Sox.  I traded him all my Red Sox cards which hopefully have arrived safely, and in return he sent me some awesome Cubbies. Check them out.

He sent me some amazing inserts. I especially love the Topps Team favorites cards but I m really puzzeled by the idea for this set. The checklist includes only 9 cards featuring 3 teams; the Cubs, the Yankees, and the Athletics (?) And why Felix Pie is in it instead of someone like Derrek Lee or Big-Z ,I will never understand. Oh well ,the important thing is these cards look so cool and for whatever reason, the Cubs are in the set.

He also sent me three UDX inserts. I am such a huge fan of this set and have been trying to complete the autographed set for awhile now. If anyone has any autographs from this set let me know.

finally, Adam also sent me a Samardzija I needed, which is the mini from 2009 Goodwin. Thanks alot Adam!

Next up, I recieved a package from Bud over at First Day Issue. Sorry for the delay Bud, your cards were mailed out yesterday, I found some cool Griffeys, hope you need them! We also swapped Cubs for Mariners and here’s what he sent me:

Bud sent me some really cool Cubs inserts. That Fukudome is my first propaganda card and I must say, those cards are really something. I was kinda iffy about them at first, but after owning one, they are awesome. I also love that Mark Grace card. Usually whenever I get Grace cards they are from the junk wax era, but Bud sent over a winner.

He also sent some old school Cubs on some new school cards. I love getting cards like these because it really makes my collection special.

Of course he also found two Nomar cards I needed. I love that Fleer draft edition Nomar, those are really shiny.

Finally Bud sent me this Aramis Ramirez bat card from good ol’ Bazooka! Ah Bazooka, hated the gum, loved the cards.

Next up, I got a package from Larry The sewing machine guy. I sent him my Tigers and in return got the shinyest Cubs cards in the world.

He sent me a Alfonso Soriano blue refractor /150 an Alfonso Soriano refractor /1999 a Kevin Hart auto and a Rich Hill auto. But the coolest card I got is the sewing machine playing card! Awesome!!! I may have to send that one out for a TTM autograph request….

Last but not least, I got a package out of the blue from my good friend William over at foul bunt. I have traded with William so many times that I forgot if this package is for something I sent him, or if I owe him one now. Either way I have a large stack of Orioles waiting for him anyway so this will find their way to his house soon…including some 2010 Topps Orioles, which I seem to have pulled quite a few of. Check out what he sent me:

He sent me the coolest D-Lee lot in history! 3 rookies, an all-star card and a marlins card of him I didn’t have. Over the last few months I have developed quite an impressive Derrek Lee collection without even realizing it.

So how does William top this already awesome package? By finding me some Nomars I didn’t have of course!

He found an un-heard of, 7 Nomars that I needed! Thanks alot William, my Nomar collection thanks you too. I have some nice Orioles headed your way sometime this week!

Thanks to everyone who sent me a package. I am almost caught up on all my maildays. I have on more trade to feature that I will show either tomorrow or early in the week, as well as an ebay purchase. If you are expecting a package from me, odds are if I didn’t mail it out yesterday, It’s sitting on the kitchen table ready to go. I am usually pretty good with keeping up with trades, but have been quite busy lately so I’ve fallen behind a little. Thanks again to everyone!



  1. Seems like a really cool Mail day….

  2. Those types of days are really nice. It’s great to get home from work and see bubble mailers and boxes in the mailbox.

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