Posted by: Chris | January 22, 2010

Ridiculous Ebay Auctions- What Are They Smoking?

Ok, this has got to be one of the most ridiculous auctions ever.It’s for a 2006 Jeff Samardzija oddball card. Supposedly signed by him as well. The first thing that I notice is the “signature” of Jeff. That is not even remotely close to his autograph. Not a Chance! Just compare it to certified autos of him on ebay and you will see how much of a difference their is.

Here’s another thing about this card, it used to sell for .99 cents with free shipping a few months ago. The same seller kept listing these cards and another oddball card for that price over and over and over again, until he ran out. He probably printed them himself.

So if the autograph is a deffinite fake compared to his real signatures, and the card minus the autograph is only worth .99 cents, then why is this perticular card up to $13.27 with $3.00 shipping???  Actually, last night it was up to $14.oo but someone retracted their bid. Obviously someone who did their homework and realized it was a complete rip-off.

I will leave the final decision up to you guys, Here is the cad in question:

And here are some examples of cards Jeff actually signed:

All of these cards are part of my pc by the way

There you have it. After examining the first auto and then all the ones either in person or company certified, you can see that their is a HUGE difference, and that the sucker who wins this auction is going to be very mad.

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