Posted by: Chris | January 21, 2010

From The Friendly Confines Of My Mailbox- I Can Explain!!

I recieved these two cards in my mailbox earlier this week:

Ok, I know what your all thinking, “What? Milton Bradley!? WHY?” Well it actually turns out that I have a real reason for wanting a Bradley autograph and I wasn’t high when I made this trade. The reason I wanted a MB auto is because I figured that a few years down the road, this 2009 season would be a good story to tell to my kids/grand kids and what better way to remember it then by owning a card that pretty much symbolizes the horrible season the Cubs had, following incredibly high expectations from a dissapointing 2008 campaign. So, I asked William over at foul bunt if he’d be interested in trading the 2009 Heritage card you see above. Well, being the great trader that he is, William also included that 2009 Topps Career Best auto of Bradley as well. Thanks a lot William! If you notice, the photos are exactly the same, and as expected, he isn’t similing while wearing that Cubs uniform, oh well, he’s the only one.

So with these two MB autos, I have a question to ask you guys, do these two cards make me the ultimate Milton Bradley supercollector? I mean, think about it, how many people out there do you think actually chase his cards down and collect him? The only other note-worthy MB card I own is one of him in an Expos uniform numbered /36 so maybe that card puts me over the top. If their are any Bradley collectors out there, please let me know I would love to know if anyone exists like this.

And who knows, maybe Bradley will return to his 2008 form in Seattle and his cards will actually be worth something and I could sell one of these for a few bucks. You never know, right? I really like the Heritage one and feel compelled to point out that it is an on card auto.

Thanks again to William for yet another awesome trade! I have a smal lstack of O’s cards I’m gathering to send your way soon so be on the lookout for them.



  1. I can definitely understand wanting that Heritage auto. It’s a great card. Plus like you say, Bradley has a story (a long one) attached to him.

    I’ve got a few of his autos too.

  2. Darn, so close to being the number one MB collector….;)

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