Posted by: Chris | January 19, 2010

The Mets Need To Wake Up!

today, it has been reported that both Bengie Molina and Carlos Delgado have signed with teams other then the Mets. Molina has re-signed with the Giants on a one year $2.6 million dollar deal, while Delgado has signed with the Blue Jays, one of his former teams back in his prime. The official dollar amount and years have not been announced yet but are believed to be 1-2 years at around 3-5 million. The Mets were very interested in Bengie Molina and had even made him a multi-year deal which he rejected earlier today, while Delgado could’ve filled their gap at first base.

Although neither of these players are huge impact players that could’ve made a difference for the Mets, I’m sure they would have liked to sign at least one of the two to help out this season. The only good move the Mets have made this offseason is Jason Bay, and even that deal won’t look so good in a few years.

For a team that is in win-now mode, they certainly need to acquire the correct pieces ASAP. Perhaps they make that run at Orlando Hudson now?



  1. Don’t worry about the Mets they suck every year. I had a Sunday package in 2008 couldn’t even give away the tickets.

  2. Delgado is still a free agent — somebody just jumped the gun on Twitter.

    Missing out on Bengie Molina may hurt, or it may be a blessing. We’ll see. I don’t know whether they’ll stick with their in-house options or pursue one of the remaining free agents.

    Orlando Hudson is probably not coming; it looks like the Mets are going to try to shore up the pitching staff. I guess that makes sense if you’re not going to have a veteran catcher to work with all of your “projects”

  3. That’s what I get for not waiting out for details. Thanks for the heads up Paul.
    I was thinking for the Mets they’d go after either hudson or Pineiro/Smoltz/Sheets/Mulder combo to fill their pitching needs. Not sure if their looking for bullpen help or not but maybe an arm or two there as well. Depends on how much cash they got left too.

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