Posted by: Chris | January 19, 2010

Looking For Something Fun To Do At Work?

Look no further! I have found some very “interesting” videos on youtube by a guy named “isearchpacks” (yea just a little taste of the stupidity of this guys vids.) He has several videos, but here are the best ones:

Something to listen for “part of robin yount’s bone chips on this card” -really?! I gotta get my hands on that card then!

Insert your own comments for this one:_____________

Darn! And I was putting these cards in my commons box!

Oh yea I used to have exploding diaria too, then I quit eating taco bell and took my robitussin and felt much better!

This guy had a few more videos but I just put up some of the highlights. I honestly can’t tell if this guy is kidding or totally serious, but from the comments on these videos, I think he’s serious. I’m not sure if it’s in one of the above videos or not, but in one of his videos or the comments, he says where he works if anyone is interested in “teaching him a lesson” I would read the comments if you get a chane, they are equally hilarious. The guys youtube account name is: isearchpacks if you wanna check out all the bogus stuff he’s got up.

Hopefully this makes your day go by a little quicker!



  1. Is he serious? He makes something up about each card!! Jason Bay to the Royals? Mariano in the 60’s?LMAO!! Cincinnati Reds team auto?? HOLY CRAP!! I also love his fascination with double valued double autographed cards. wow

  2. Some people…oh man. If you get a chnace check out the comments on his vids, alot of people have tried to knock some sense into him but he comes up with really funny excuses and 3rd grade-like combacks.

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