Posted by: Chris | January 18, 2010

Baseball Cards As They Should Be

If you’re wondering why that title sounds familiar, it’s because that is the stupid tagline thing I came up with when I first started this blog. Well today, I found a perfect example of what I thought sounded cool at the time. Check it out below:

Now THAT is how a baseball card should be. Baseball cards are ment to be admired and treasured by kids, not locked up in a penny sleeve,  toploader then a 4 screw down magnetic case hidden in safe behind your secret stash of whatever, (not here to judge), never to see the light of day again.

This 1952 Mantle is indeed authentic and it was up for auction a few months ago. While I don’t know the final sales price, I will tell you that I would take this beat up old ’52 Mantle over any Babe Ruth or Ty Cobb card. The reason? Because this card is a perfect example of what a hobby is all about. Cards are ment to be enjoyed and played with, not locked up and armed with bullet proof cases so that the card is never touched by human hands ever again.

For you old-timers out there, or anyone who did this for that matter, remember when you opened a pack of cards that you got for a penny or a nickle, and, after putting the superstars in your pocket, clipped the players you hated to the spokes of your bike? Or how about taking your favorite card and glueing it so it stuck on your notebook or right above your bed? Anyone remember what it was like before all the insanity of trading card, and how much they were worth?

So I encourage you, the collector, to take a baseball card that actually means something to you (not a common or duplicate from the junk wax era) And take it out of the toploader and penny sleeve and carry it around in your pocket for a day. Or perhaps you should glue it to your folder at work or tape it on your computer. Something that will remind you of what it was like when card collecting was a fun, enjoyable past time. You don’t have to do this with your Hank Aaron rookie card or your 1/1 Ken Griffey Jr. Superfractor, but if you have a base card or a card that is already pretty beat-up,  of one of your favorite players, then go ahead and try it. What have you got to lose? You may just find that you’ll love this hobby a little bit more.



  1. i used to have a 74 garvey in my wallet. i was inspired by bob costas who claimed to carry a mickey mantle card in his.

  2. The wallet thing is a good idea. I didn’t think of that one.

    I used to have a 2004 Nomar Topps opening day card that I hole punched and tied around the mirror of my car.

  3. Whaaaaaa?? Then my card won’t be worth as much!! Haha – guess I’ll dig up a Derek Jeter to use as a bookmark instead of the 92 Topps Greg Harris I’m using now.

  4. Bookmark ?! Good idea. I usually carry around some Indians cards to pass out to kids I happen to run into.

  5. That’s a good one and it gets the younger kids into the hobby, always a plus. Also, I mailed out your package was mailed out today, i through in those other 2 indians hits so enjoy those. and thanks for the trade.

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