Posted by: Chris | January 17, 2010

Two Reasons Why I Refuse To Buy This Card

Here is the auction. And the two reasons for not wanting this card, are right underneath it. As you can see below the autographed card, are two photos the seller claims as “proof” that the card was signed by Jeff. Now, here’s my beef with this. It is not about the authenticity of the autograph, but it is about the seller. As you can most likely infer from the photos, the seller is an autograph hound. Who knows maybe he’s even related to these guys. This isn’t the first time this seller has sold an inperson Samardzija auto on ebay. He’s done it aobut 2 or 3 times before.

In case you aren’t familiar with the term “autograph hound” or are just to lazy to click on the links above, let me give you a quick rundown.

1) They pretend to be fans to get the player to sign something for them,usually a card or a ball.

2) they then go ahead and sell it on ebay so they can make a profit for themselves, while true fans miss the chance to get an autograph of their favorite players

3) You can usually spot the autograph hounds, as they are usually fat middle-aged, ponytailed guys with ugly short shorts and an old beat up T-shirt on, not a jersey or shirt of the team, mind you.

4) They usually carry around binders of cards of players and have a backpack or suitcase full of balls or cards too.

It is actually quite easy to tell who is a hound and who is a fan. These guys are only in it for the money and don’t care if they offend the players or push a little kid out of the way, all they care about it getting the autograph and then running home to ebay to sell it.

Now, I understand that the economy sucks and sometimes you have no choice but to sell off some of your autograph collection just to put food on the table or to pay the bills. That’s ok. There’s a huge difference between getting stuff signed that you intend to keep for your pc or pass down to your kids, and getting stuff signed just to make a profit.

So the reason I will not purchase the Samardzija card, despite its affordability, is because I don’t want to fuel the fire for these guys just so they have some extra cash to go buy more inventory for their “business.”

Please don’t be like this guy, it ruins it for the real fans.

**Special thanks to for suppling the articles and video.**


  1. Totally with you. As much as it sucks, I completely understand why a lot of guys don’t sign.

  2. Yeah. It does ruin the spirit of collecting.

    These sellers live in Jacksonville, FL. Isn’t there a ton of spring training down there?

  3. Yea there figures. by the way I was just reading your blog a few seconds ago, I love the cabinte storage…I laughed so hard when I read the comment that said “were do you keep the food?”

  4. I used to work in minor league baseball and some of the hounds were WEIRD. They’d show up before the gates open with binders full of cards and absolutely hound the guys. They were the typical pasty, pony-tailed recluses alot of people think of when they think autograph hounds… get a life, people! I DO enjoy autographs and TTMs, but I keep it in perspective, ya know?

  5. exactly, I love meeting a player and asking for just one autograph and then adding it to my collection. I also enjoy TTM and love it when I can add a TTM auto of a player that really means something to me. Odds are on day I will be forced to sell off some of my in person autos, but until then, I plan on keeping and enjoying every one of them.

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