Posted by: Chris | January 17, 2010

From The Friendly Confines Of My Mailbox

Last week, I recieved a package from Mr. Scott, who has one of the greatest newer blogs out there, I highly recommend paying him a visit. Anyways, we made a trade that involved me sending him some Yankees cards and in return I was supposed to recieve whatever Cubs cards he had lying around. WRONG. Mr. Scott sent me around 400 Cubs cards! To make things better, I needed about 2/3 of them! Here is just a small sample of Mr. Scott’s generosity,

He sent me some great Cubs finest and sweet spot cards. This is my first look at both of these sets and I must sya, they are both really nice sets.

He also sent me a huge stack of Kerry Wood cards. I really like the bottom card from Stadium Club, it’s one of those 3D, hologram thingys of Kerry Wood’s 20 strike out game, sweet!

Mr. Scott also managed to find two Nomar cards I didn’t have. Both of them in Cubs uniforms too! Doesn’t get much better then that…

Or maybe it can! This is a Carlos Zambrano All-Star jersey from the 2006 All-Star game.

He also sent me a Kevin Hart RC autograph. I really liked Kevin and was pissed when they traded him to the Pirates. He had some pretty good starts for us too. I am still going to collect Kevin Hart even though he’s no longer a Cub.

And finally, he sent me an amazing Kerry wood jersey. Kerry Wood is my third favorite Cub of all time, right behind Nomar Garicparra and Jeff Samardzija. I really collected Kerry hard before he was off to Cleveland, and even though my Kid K collection has slowed down, I will always collect him and any Wood card I don’t have is always welcome in my collection.

Thanks again Mr. Scott for the totally awesome package. I look forward to tradign with you again, and keep up the good work with the blog, it looks great. Anyone who is interested, go check out Mr. Scott’s blog and make a trade with him, as you can see, he is a very generous trader.


  1. I’m happy you enjoyed your package I got some more cards up my sleeve for you. Hope you had a great weekend.

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