Posted by: Chris | January 16, 2010

The 26 Days Of Nomar, Day 19

This Nomar jersey card comes from 2003 Donruss Playoff and is numbered 95/100. This card is pretty much the same as yesterdays, the only differences are serial numbering, color and on the green one it says Absolute Memorabilia in the corner, were as this one says Piece Of The Game. Again, this is a very nice card, but lacks a design that makes it unique or special from the other relic cards. Also, throughout this entire 26 card lot, all of the jersey pieces are either plain white or gray swatches, which as many have already stated, gets very boring. I know the Red Sox don’t have pinstripes on their uniforms, but a red swatch from their alternate uniforms would’ve been nice to see. Unfortunetly, all the relic cards of him on the Cubs are bat cards, so no chance for a pinstripe there. Come to think of it, I don’t own a single Nomar pinstripe card in my entire collection…


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