Posted by: Chris | January 16, 2010

Calling All Team Collectors!

In an effort to refine my collection, I am trying to limit the number of cards I have that are not apart of my pc. So if anyone out there collects any of the following teams, shoot me an email or leave a comment and we can work something out. I am mainly looking to do a team for Cubs swap of base/inserts, as that is what all of these cards are, but will gladly trade all of the cards of a certain team for a Cubs relic. I have about 300-400 cards of the following teams:














Blue Jays

White Sox


I am not looking for an equal return in cards, I prefer quality over quantity so if you only have a few Cubs cards, that’s fine with me. If you collect a team that isn’t listed above, it means I have less then 100 cards of that team, but am still interested in trading them so let me know. I have TONS of cubs duplicates if you guys are interested as well.

Also, if you have any Nomar, Samardzija, or Haren base/inserts, for every one of those I need, I will give you 15 cards of the team you want.

Finally, there is absolutley NO JUNK WAX!!! In any of these team lots, so rest assured you will not be  recieving  junk. Thank you to everyone who is interested and I promise to have some real posts up either tonight or several tomorrow.

If you have the red parallel of this card, you can have my entire collection



  1. I have a ton of Cubbies lying around, lots of good ‘uns too. I collect Mariners/Griffey’s and would love to work something out. Shoot me an email at

  2. i like the nationals/expos and i have a haren UDjersey for ya and i think i may have a bunch of 64 cubs you can have

  3. Bud, I sent you an email about a trade

    James- send me an email at and we can work something out for the Nats/Expos as well as the beckett/Dice-k

  4. I’m always looking for Indian cards! I have 1000’s to trade.

  5. email sent

  6. Orioles 😉

  7. Unless your interested in those dead weight Os,you own all my orioles of anything good, but your deffinitly first in line every time I pull an oriole card

  8. Hmmm….no ‘Stros 😦

  9. I have about 60-70 astros cards if your interested. Send me an email at if you wanna work something out.

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