Posted by: Chris | January 14, 2010

One More Day Left For Contest Entrys

Tomorow will be the last day for your contest submissions for the name my mailday contest. Remember, you can submit more then one entry, so keep them coming and enter as many as you’d like. Tomorow night I will pick the top 3-5 choices, as well as the winner who’s idea will be used everytime I have a mailday post. The winner also gets 50 cards from the team of their choice, as well as a relic or autograph of a team of their choice.

Good luck to everyone who enters!

I will have a real post up later tonight, but in the meantime, enjoy this picture of one of my dogs enjoying the huge amount of snow we have here…



  1. Oh my god. That is such a great picture of your doggie!

    She/he looks very confident and proud. LOL. It is cracking me up the more I look at it.

    I love dogs so much. What’s not to love?

  2. Thanks,

    Her name is Deja. (we didn’t get to pick she came with it) At first I wasn’t sure abotu the name but it’s deffinitly grown on me and I like it. She loves the snow, which is the complete opposite from my other dog who hates it. She literally takes chunks of snow and keeps them in her mouth like a tennis ball and carrys it around with her.

    Shes not all their in the head most of the time but she’s great to have around!

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