Posted by: Chris | January 13, 2010

One Card Closer To My Rainbow

This Saturday is going to be huge for two reasons. 1) I will be attending the 25th annual Cubs convention. 2) This will be the 1 year anniversary of my Jeff Samardzija collection. (expect a post about all that on friday or saturday night) So in honor of the 1 year anniversary, I have been purchasing some really nicer cards of his that I don’t have. The first one is this:

It’s a 2009 Topps Chrome black printing plate. The reason this card is so important is because it brings me one step cloer to my Samardzija unltimate rainbow of 2009 Topps. Here is what I have so far, base, Cubs team set base, Walmart exclusive black. Target exclusive retro logo, gold parallel numbered /2009, chrome base, chrome refractor, chrome xfractor, chrome blue /199, chrome gold /50, and chrome red /25. Now I have one of the printing plates. All I am missing is the black /59 and the silk card, both from Topps Series 1. If anyone has either of these and is willing to trade either of them, I will deffinitly make it worth your while. They are both currently on ebay, but with ridiculous BIN prices: silk   silk    black In case anyone is interested in making them an offer. The seller who has the blak parallel is willing to go about 4-5 dollars in case anyone has the money and is interested in a trade. When I do finally complete my Samardzija rainbow, I will scan and post all of the cars and write a special post on them.

So is anyone else out there chasing a rainbow of their favorite team or player? Has anyone completed a really cool rainbow or just missing one or two pieces to complete theirs? If so, then send me a scan or picture and I’ll be happy to feautre it here at oncardautos this weekend in a really cool post.



  1. I have completed 2 Rainbows for Brent Cox 2005 Topps Rookie Cup & 2006 Bowman Chrome. It took over 2 years to put together you can check it out

  2. Cool man. I’ll feature it in the post this weekend.

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