Posted by: Chris | January 12, 2010

The Other Guy: 1970 Thurman Munson Rookie Card

After getting some positive interest in the last one about the Nolan Ryan rookie card, I have decided to start doing more of these posts titled, “the other guy” where I feature a rookie card sharing two or more players, and talk about the lesser-known one. They won’t all be as interesting as the Ryan-Koosman rookie, but I feel as if the guys who were paired up with superstars really didn’t get much respect, even if they ended up being career minor leaguers. So today, we have the 1970 Thurman Munson, and Dave McDonald rookie card.

Most baseball fans will be able to tell you something or another about Thurman Munson. Had he not been killed at such a young age, he most likely would have become one of the greatest catchers in history. Don’t believe me? Check out his stats. In 11 seasons he had a lifetime .292 batting average, 1558 hits, 7 All-Star appearences, 1970 AL Rookie of the Year, and was the 1976 AL MVP.

So while the world is focused on Thurman Munson and his amazing career and possible future movie-like life story,very few forget who shares Munson’s most valuable rookie card. Unfortunetly, McDonald really didn’t live up to his potential, which wasn’t to high to begin with. He was a first baseman without much power and was probably better suited for an outfielder or second base position, as he didn’t have terrible speed. Sadly, McDonald never got a chance to prove himself and only lasted in the big leagues for two seasons. He only got 62 at-bats between the Yankees and Expos and really couldn’t make much out of his sporatic playing time.

However, there is a bright spot to Dave’s baseball career. He has the noble distinction of telling of one day telling his grandkids that his rookie card is worth more then a Bert Blyleven and Don Baylor rookie card combined.(all of which came out in 1970.) And he can thank Mr. Thurman Munson for making his card so valuable.



  1. I always like to hear about the other guy! Great post! I do believe that Munson would have been a HOFer IF he stayed healthy and continued to produce as he had been… My Uncle has a dog named Munson 4. The original Munson was born in 1974. The memory lives!

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