Posted by: Chris | January 11, 2010

Tony LaRussa And Mark McGwire Shouldn’t Have A Job Right Now

In case you haven’t heard, Mark McGwire admited to using steroids today. This of course, brings up all the contriversy that has surrounded him and all the other juicers like Bonds, Conseco, and Tony LaRussa.

Let’s forget for a moment that I am a die hard Cubs fan and that I loathe the Cardinals. Let’s forget that I am a huge Roger Maris fan and hate Big Mac for tarnishing and destroying the once sacred record Maris killed himself to achieve. Let’s forget all of that stuff and focus on what I have to say as an unbiased baseball fan;

First off, let me start by saying that I have always hated Tony LaRussa. I have always hated his personality and overall annoyingness, not to mention the fact that he thinks he can do whatever he wants in life because of his job. But more and more recently, I have started to hate Tony because, like it or not, he is the true Godfather of steroids. It is his own fault that the game has been tarnished for over 20 years now. It isn’t all Canseco’s fault like many make it out to be. Don’t get me wrong, I am the farthest thing from a Jose Canseco supporter, but I believe that Jose Conseco would be clean, had it not been for the “magical” help of Tony LaRussa. Tony first introduced steroids to both of the bash brothers and got them both started, because all he cared about was winning, no matter what it did to the game of baseball LaRussa supposedly loved and charished. But instead of anyone stopping LaRussa’s wrong doings, everyone either followed the crowd and joined in, or simply turned the other cheek and ignored it. So, while LaRussa was slowly poisening the Oakland A’s, the rest of baseball chose to ignore the issue.

Now, this whole thing isn’t Tony LaRussa’s fault, a lot of it has to do with Jose Canseco. I won’t get into this to much, but I just want to say a few things on the subject. First off, Jose Canseco was like the plague. Wherever he went, he brought his suitcase full of PED’s and creams and waht-not, passing along what Tony LaRussa gave him, slowly infecting each and every team around baseball. Everywhere Canseco played should be under strict investigation. The Rangers, Red Sox, White Sox, and Blue Jays, are probably the most “infected” areas, if you will. Every player he became friends with, weither it be Alex Rodriguez, Juan Gonzalez, Albert Belle, or Pudge Rodriguez, it was like a chain effect. LaRussa to Canseco, then Canseco brances out to about 20-30 guys, then they go out and give it to their teammates, and so on and so on, until the entire league is using PED’s.

Now, when McGwire and LaRussa left for St. Louis, don’t you think they passed on some of their “wisdom” to younger players who maybe are looking to get an edge on the competition and don’t really know the difference between right and wrong in their baseball careers? don’t you think it’s possible that a young slugger by the name of Albert Pujols could have been persuaded into using steroids early on in his career? I’m not saying Prince Albert is still using them, but I am saying that it’s possible that when he was younger he might have wanted to start his career off with a bang and give the people something to talk about, right? Look at it this way, McGwire was fading away at beginning of the decade, he and LaRussa both knew that his time was almost up, and what better way to make up for the loss of Big Mac then by introducing the new face of franchise in the young superstar slugger, Albert Pujols? You are completly ignorant if you don’t think that there is a huge possibility that all of this might be true.

Here is my closing thoughts, for ultimatly killing the game of baseball and tarnishing the great careers of many sure fire Hall of Famers, I believe that Tony LaRussa should go the way of Pete Rose and be sentinced to a lifetime ban from baseball, so that he cannot destroy the game or its players anymore. I also believe that , just as it was done decades before with Roger Maris, the names of Sammy Sosa, Mark McGwire, and Barry Bonds, should be specialized with an asterisk in the record books of the single season home run record.

The only way to insure that this doesn’t happen again in the future, is to remove those who are responsible for it in the past.

Two guys who have had one chance too many in this great game



  1. There are plenty of ex-players who didn’t use steroids out there that can be coaches – I think MLB should take the step to ban or at least discourage teams from hiring steroid users in any capacity.

    Bud Selig is instead saying this is ok as long as all these clowns say their sorry.

    It’s ridiculous.

  2. I’m pretty certain that La Russa did not introduce anyone to steroids. My only complaint with him is that he lied to anyone that asked if players were doing it, which is, unfortunately, something that anyone is his position is inclined to do. Managers are like politicians and one of their main jobs is to protect their players. La Russa, like many other great managers, is fiercely loyal to his players and is always willing to deflect media scrutiny away from them at any opportunity.

    That being said, it does rub me the wrong way in how La Russa dealt with it.

    I believe it’s extremely unlikely that Pujols had anything to do with PEDs, based on his faith and every chance he’s had to present himself to the public as a player and humanitarian. If you truly believe this, I would suggest that you do some research on the man. I’m not saying that well-intentioned people are incapable of wrong-doing and lies, but I would find it very surprising.

    The worst part about the entire scandal, aside from the tainted records and statistics is that it leaves every single player open for scrutiny, especially from bloggers like ourselves who generally run around making unfounded speculations when it comes to this stuff.

  3. Dude everyone lies and everyone does things that they wish they could take back…. He said his piece and i’m sure a huge pressure is off his mind…. I’m at peace with him, La Russa is one hell of a manager!! So don’t knock him for having his players backs!

  4. Madding, unless you were around LaRussa back in oakland, there is no way of telling wether he introduced anyone to steroids or not. But based on alot of other peoples of opinions and the fact that LaRussa has been linked to steroids regarding his players, not to mention the fact that he was the manager for both canseco and mcGwire, 2 of the first known players to use steroids, you can’t sit there and tell me I am wrong, when there is more evidence pointing to him then not.

    As for the Pujols thing, that is just pure conspiracy on my part. But I do have a reason for staing it, which was said in the original post.

  5. If you think Pujols uses PED’s, you’re on crack.

    While I have the capacity to speak more eloquently, I really feel no need on this one. Seriously. Crack.

    (Also, I realize you are a mere blogger, but you write as if you know all of the facts. Libel much?)

  6. Erin, as stated in my above comment, I said that the pujols thing was pure conspiracy on my part. Second, you can’t sit there any tell me that it isn’t possible for a young Pujols to have tried PEDs is career unless you were phiscally there. I never once stated in the post that I think he used PED’s, I stated that it is a possibility and that LaRussa has been known to be invloved with steroids and so has Big Mac, therefore, the two of them being in STL made it a possibility.

    As also stated in the first couple lines of the post, I took my biased opinion out when I wrote this, maybe should do the same when your writing about your beloved Prince Albert. I have already stated to friends and family that it wouldn’t be a surprise if my favorite player, Nomar Garciaparra was on steroids. Everyone from the 90s-early 2000’s including Pujols, is a possible steroid user. Know matter what they “claim.”
    No one that A-Rod was on steroids until last year…Alll im saying is that unless we know 100% for sure, its always a possibility.

  7. Just because LaRussa managed 2 known steroid users doesn’t mean he was involved. That’s a ludicrous claim — you can say that about EVERY manager in baseball if that is the case.

    You are short sighted in your logic — you are essentially claiming anyone potentially used them just because you can’t prove they didn’t. That’s just bull. And why this whole topic is infuriating. How in the hell do you prove someone didn’t use steroids years ago?? You can only go by their word and for me, that is good enough. For you, obviously it is not — thus you will have to continue to live in your world of paranoia.

    The first couple lines of my post actually did allude to this being my opinion, as I used the word “think” … Yep, I DO THINK you are on crack. Or some other mind altering drug. (I can believe this! I have no reason to think otherwise! You can’t prove me wrong! It’s your word! And we can’t go by that, now, can we?)

  8. I find it humorous you try to implicate LaRussa as the one who gave Canseco steroids.

    If this had been the case, I am 100% sure he would have mentioned it in his books (or to the media).

    Instead, he took full blame for what he did and then also brought to light what others did (and is better at that than say, MLB).

    And, if you truly want to remove those who have cheated, the Hall of Fame will be a truly sacred place, because there would be a LOT less people in the Hall then there are now.

    I will not comment on the Pujols comments you made, as it would not surprise who popped up that used, nor would it surprise me if Pujols had used when he was younger.

  9. Anthony, good point on the HOF. I have been on the fence with that when it comes to guys like Gaylord Perry and others, that is a topic that could be discussed for hours and hours.
    The problem is were would you start? It’d probably be easier to just exclude the steroid user because if they ever removed someones plaque, all hell would break loose.

  10. I couldn’t agree with you more, how about Rick Ankiel, Tatis, and check the stats for his first job(white sox). Players that followed him have had interesting stats. Too many one hit wonders under his watch if you ask me.

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