Posted by: Chris | January 8, 2010

Ridiculous Ebay Auctions

Man there are alot of crazy sellers out there who think that their baseball cards are worth 20 times more then what it actually sells for. I would really love to know what in their head makes them think  the card they own is worth the price these idiots list it at.

Today, we have this auction for a 2009 Jeff Samardzija “career best” auto from 2009 Topps series 1. First off, Jeff Samardzija has not had himself any “career” best moments so I am curios to know what the moment in question actually is. That is not the point however, the point of this post is the ridiculous buy it now price the seller has for it; $99 dollars! What?!? Last time this card was on ebay back in about March when this product was relitivly new and people were all hyped up on this stuff like crack, the card only sold for $40 dollars. Now, there have only been 3 auction listing for this card in ebay history, which is kind of sad becasue I really REALLY like this card and want it because this is Jeff’s only autograph of 2009. But sadly, I probably will never get a chance to own this card because idiots like this guy are demanding more then double the going price for this card. I mean really, why on earth does this seller think the card is worth a hundred dollars??? It doesn’t even book that high! Dear Lord, some people have really got to open their eyes and realize what their baseball cards are actually worth, that is, if they are serious about actually selling the cards they list on ebay.

But wait! The seller has decided he is ripping you off enough, so he has decided to make the shipping costs free! Gee thanks alot! Jerk.



  1. I like Jeff and hope he has a great career as a Cub but there are lots of cards of Hall of Famers that go for less than $40, much less $90. If Jeff stays around there will be lots more autos including on-cards hopefully. If he’s a bust why pay that much money for his autograph?

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