Posted by: Chris | January 7, 2010

The 26 Days Of Nomar, Day 11

This Nomar bat card comes from 2002 Topps Finest. First off, this card is really shiny and chromey, which a good thing. If this was an insert in the 90’s,I’m sure I’d be all over this card, but because it came out in 2002, and has an awkwardly placed bat piece in the middle, it really doesn’t work so well. Don’t get me wrong, this card really stands out from the bunch, but I just feel as if it could have been done better. Deffinitly room for improvement on this one, which is probably why Finest doesn’t do game used memorabilia anymore. The bat piece is smaller then average but the terrible placement doesn’t help matters any. If they were to remove the huge “AUTHENTIC GAME-USED BAT” writing, and slide the bat down a little, maybe this would look better. Overall, this card would be better served as an insert card and not a game used card but still a sweet looking card no less.


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