Posted by: Chris | January 7, 2010

A Mailday And A Contest

I am proud to announce the first ever contest at on card autos will be held. But more o nthat later, first let’s start with a mailday from earlier this week. This package comes from Jim of The Phillies Room. I sent Jim just about all the Phillies cards I had left and in return he sent me some really awesome cards with a surprise card I did not expect.

First Jim sent me some Cubs cards from 2001 Upper Deck. I really love this base set. For some unexplainable reason, this set is so cool looking that I have decided to name it my favorite flagship design of the decade.

Another thing Jim sent me was a TON of Cubs isnerts. I love inserts and these were just a few of the one’s he sent me. I really like the Ramirez card because I didn’t buy much Upper Deck this year so these kinds of isnerts are extra special to own.

What trade wouldn’t be complete without a few Nomar cards? Jim sent me four that I needed. The Topps HD card is pretty cool, but I don’t get it? It looks like it should be 3D or something but it isn’t. If anyone has any info on Topps HD leave a comment and let me know.

And finally, Jim threw in this incredible card without me knowing…….

A Ryan Theriot autograph! Sweet thanks Jim. This is my first ever Ryan Theriot certified auto and it comes from 2009 UD, which is even better because I don’t own any of these. Deffinitly an unexpected surprise. Theriot is probably one of the most underrated players in the game today, outside of Chicago, no one really knows much about him but let me tell you, he is incredibly good. HE has only played 3 full seasons but has really made the most out of them. In 2008 he was fifth in the NL in batting average and led the Cubs in stolen bases the last two years. Not to mention, Theriot is a huge fan favorite here.

Thanks again Jim. I lvoe the Theriot auto. Because of your incredible generosity, I have put together a special, thank-you package that I will be mailing out to you either tomorrow or Saturday with a little something extra in it for you.

Now, on with the contest. here it is:

I have gotten tired of naming all of my mail day posts “mail day” I find it very boring and it doesn’t exactly make people want to read them so here is the contest. Simply submit a new name for my mail days. I am looking for something new and fun to call my mail days when I post them. To enter the contest, simply leave a comment or send me and email with your idea. I will go through the entries and choose a winner based on which name I like the best. The winner’s naming idea will be used every time I do a mailday post, which if you have been reading this blog, is quite often. Now for the prize, the winner will recieve 50 cards of their favorite team/player and a random relic or auto from the team of their choice.

**TIP, I am a Cubs fan, so a name involving the Cubs or Wrigley field or something related to the blog title, “on card autos” is something that I am looking for, but other clever suggestions will most certainly be excepted and considerd.

Good luck to everyone! The contest will run until next Friday, on the 15th. I will also post a list of my top 3 or 5 choices with the names of who submited them for honorable mention.



  1. cubbies correo
    Cubs Fan Mail
    Wrigley’s Fan Mail


    correo means mail in spanish

  2. “Free alcohol”

  3. Or if you insist on keeping it somewhat card related, “In Envelope Autos”

  4. ‘From The Friendly Confines Of My Mailbox’ 🙂

  5. Arguments from Addison Street

  6. I’m glad you liked the cards, and I knew you’d appreciate the Theriot auto!

    I submit:
    Pulled from the Ivy

  7. Cards on the Vine? The Trading Basket? I don’t know, everything else I associate with Wrigley Field has something to do with beer or something unmentionable around these parts.

  8. Ivy Got Mail!

  9. madding- suggestions with beer are more then welcome because that pretty much sums up the bleechers in wrigley!

  10. Steve Bartman’s Mail Call or The Goat’s Got’s Mail!!

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