Posted by: Chris | January 6, 2010

It’s About Time Dawson Got In

Today at 1:30 pm, it was announced that former Cubs right fielder, Andre Dawson would be elected to the hall of fame. Dawson, who got 77.9% of the vote, has deserved this ever since his name first appeared on the ballot. He was strong defensivly, always a massive slugger, and had a cannon-arm. He has deserves to be in tha hall and his time has finally come. Congratulations Andre Dawson! For an outstanding career, and because of that, you will be forever enshrined into the baseball hall of fame.

In case anyone is interested, here is the final voting results:

Andre Dawson 420 77.9%
Bert Blyleven 400 74.2%
Roberto Alomar 397 73.7%
Jack Morris 282 52.3%
Barry Larkin 278 51.6%
Lee Smith 255 47.3%
Edgar Martinez 195 36.2%
Tim Raines 164 30.4%
Mark McGwire 128 23.7%
Alan Trammell 121 22.4%
Fred McGriff 116 21.5%
Don Mattingly 87 16.1%
Dave Parker 82 15.2%
Dale Murphy 63 11.7%
Harold Baines 33 6.1%
Andres Galarraga 22 4.1%
Robin Ventura 7 1.3%
Ellis Burks 2 0.4%
Eric Karros 2 0.4%
Kevin Appier 1 0.2%
Pat Hentgen 1 0.2%
David Segui 1 0.2%
Mike Jackson 0 0%
Ray Lankford 0 0%
Shane Reynolds 0 0%
Todd Zeile 0 0%

***A player needs at least 5% of the votes to stay on the ballot for next year and at least 75% of the vote to gain entry into the hall of fame.

Now the only question is….Cub or Expo?



  1. Congrats!

    I am rough on Dawson for his career OBP, but he has some fantastic career numbers as well and was one of the coolest dudes to take the field.

    It’s hard not to love Dawson.

    As was stated on MLB Channel today “We believe at least three teammates named their kid after Andre Dawson.”

    If there’s a higher sign of respect, I don’t know it.

  2. Marlin! 😉

  3. hahaha or Red Sox

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