Posted by: Chris | January 5, 2010

The Mariners Are At It Again

The Seattle Mariners, who have arguabley had the best offseason otu of any time so far, have had themselves quite a busy afternoon.

First, they acquired first baseman Casey Kotchman from the Red Sox, taking care of their first base needs while helping the Red Sox corner infiled logg jam as well. Then, the M’s signed outfielder Franklin Gutierrez to a four year $20.5 million dollar deal, with a fifth year option. Gutierrez, who finally had a breakout season after being traded to Seattle from the Indians i nthe J.J. Putz three-team deal, will be the starting centerfielder for the Mariners and pressumibly bat in the 6th or 7th spot in the line-up.

The Mariners have had themselves one impressive offseason. They signed Chone Figgins and Ken Griffey Jr. and acquired Milton Bradley, Cliff Lee, Brandon League, and Casey Kotchman. They filled pretty much every hole they needed to and are still looking for another pitcher for the rotation and bullpen, as well as another outfielder to back up Bradley, if he is playing the field.

In a division that has, for the most part, been quite in offseason moves, the Mariners are really making a push for the division title after finishing third last year behind the Rangers and the Angels.


  1. Hooray!

  2. yea maybe Mark Z. should come speak to the cubs GM about how to be a real GM and not a bad one….o well, theres always next year i guess..

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