Posted by: Chris | January 4, 2010

Rod Sox Sign Adrian Beltre

today, the Boston Red Sox signed third baseman Adrian Beltre to a 1 year deal worth $9 million with a $5 million dollar option for the next year. This move isn’t a shocker, as the Sox were looking to add a corner infielder, but now they have a logg jam between the corners, catcher, and DH. They have David Ortiz Kevin Youkilis, Casey Kotchman, Mike Lowell, Victor Martinez, Jason Varitek, and now Adrian Beltre. That’s 7 players for spots. The Red Sox tried trading Lowell to the Rangers’ but the deal fell through when Lowell needed surgery for his thumb.

It will be interesting to see how the rest of their offseason goes, especially because they are limited in payroll because of the luxury tax. The Yankee’s found out the hard way how much the luxury tax hurts, when they had to pay $26 million because of it.

Overall, this signing isn’t terrible, but really is more of a luxury (no pun intended) Then a need for them. They already had enough corner player’s, but did boost their offense. Afterall, it’s hard to improve one of the deepest roster’s in baseball in terms of depth.



  1. This doesn’t seem like a smart move by Theo, but only time will tell I guess. Beltre had what….one or two good seasons at most, aside from that he’s mediocre in my opinion.

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