Posted by: Chris | December 28, 2009

Whatta Mailday!

I recieved a ton of great stuff in the mail. A TTM I wasn’t excpecting back for a few months with an added bonus, my end of a trade I made a while back, and an awesome ebay purchase.

First up, the TTM success:

Name: John Olerud

Signed: 2 baseball cards, one 1994 Sportsflics 2000 and one 1994 Upper Deck SP

Bonus item: Card personally given to me by John Olerud from his own private stash. SWEET!!

I was really happy when I got this one back. From what I heard, he usually isn’t that quick with TTMs but it only took me a little over 2 months to get this one back. This was the first time I sent out more then oen card and the main reason I did was that I wanted to test the “signability” of the Sportflic 2000 cards (first card in the picture.) Although the scan is absolutley terrible, the card came back with a perfect autograph, which I was very pleased with. The second card he signed was one that I really like. It’s from 1994 Upper Deck SP and I really like the design of these cards and the shineyness of them as well. In addition to the two cards I sent him, John sent me his own personal card. On the back it has a coupld of religous quotes from the bible and a breif description of what each of them mean to him and how they reflect his family. At the bottom of the back of the card it says, “This card was printed by John Olerud and is not for sale” That really means a lot to me that John cares about his fans that much to send them a baseball card he had made himself. Thanks John, you really made my day! I will always treasure the card you sent me.

Next up, I recieved a trade I made with a Dan, a reader who wanted to do a Cubs for Phillies swap. I recieved some amazing cards from him, check them out:

The scan doesn’t do this card justice at all. This Steve Trachsel card is from 1997 Skybox Metal Universe and boy is it a beauty. I love how it has a refractor like shine to it and really stands out from others in my collection. I would like to know though, why Steve is pitching in the snow without long sleeves or anything…oh th mysteries of Metal Universe. At least it’s not as weird as the card of Jeremi Gonzalez pitching in the forest with a bear watching him that I featured here a few weeks ago.

And finally, Dan sent me a bunch of smaller then normal Cubs cards. He sent me three Ginter cards I needed from the last three years, including the 2009 Jeff Samardzija mini that has escaped me several times before. I also needed both the Haren and Fergie Jenkins Goudey cards. Thanks a lot Dan! I hope you enjoy your Phillies cards!

finally, I won this card off of ebay last week:

I have seen the regular version of this card sell several times on ebay for around $10 dollars but never wanted to bite the bullet because of the Pie auto on it but I decided since this was the black refractor numbered 5/25, I would go for it. Amazingly, I won it for $13 dollars with shipping, not bad considering I used a gift card for ebay from my birthday, so it really didn’t cost me a thing.

If only every mailday could be as good as this one…



  1. Congrats on the Olerud – he signed for me a few months back too!

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