Posted by: Chris | December 27, 2009

The Christmas Haul

Like most other bloggers are doing, here are the cards I got for Christmas. Enjoy!

I got a very nice looking Greg Maddux jersey card from 05 Donruss Playoff. The pinstripe on the jersey really makes the card in my opinion. It’s numbered 99/250.

Next, my friend bought me a pack of SP Legendary Cuts, you know, the one’s that are gaurenteed an auto or cut auto per pack. I ended up with an on card auto of former Cub, (for one year) and HOF pitcher,  Robin Roberts. Not too bad of a pull if I do say so my self.

I also got this awesome Josh Vitters auto from Just Minors. I love Vitters and have followed his career ever since he got drafted third overall in 2007 by the Cubs. I have thought about starting a player collection of his many times, but his cards are so expensive I decided not to. This is my first Vitters auto and it’s numbered 1/200. Until recently, Josh Vitters was the Cubs number one prospect, but now is number two behind Starlin Castro.

In addition to these sweet singles, my Mom bought me an unheard of 28 Nomar Garciaparra relic cards! It had 1 auto, 1 patch card, and 26 jersey and bat cards, all of my favorite player, Nomar Garciaparra. To commemorate this awesome addition to my collection, I will be featuring each card, one-by-one per day. I will do my best to make it interesting for those of you who don’t care about Nomar (Even though you all should, he’s amazing.)

So, that’s my Christmas haul, did anybody else get anything good card wise?



  1. Cool! I look forward to seeing the Nomars!

    I didn’t get any cards but did get a gift certificate to Blowout Cards and Ebay so those will turn into cards.

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