Posted by: Chris | December 26, 2009

Box Review: Bowman Draft

During the week, Mr. Scott busted 2 boxes of the new 2009 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects. Here are is results, as well as his final thoughts on the product.

Product: 2009 Bowman Draft

Boxes: 2

Packs: 24

Cards: 7 per pack

Price: $56 per Box (Includes Shipping)

Box 1

Prospect Blue: 2 (#/399)

Prospect Refractors: 1

WBC Xfractors: 1 (#/199)

Prospect Blue Refractor: 1 (David Hale #81/99)

Prospect Orange Refractor: 1 (Benjamin Carlson #15/25)

Auto Refractor: 1 (Jiovanni Mier #367/500)

Aflac Auto: 1 (Donavan Tate #060/244)


Box 2

Prospect Blue: 1 (#/399)

Prospect Refractors: 2

RC Blue: 1 (#/399)

RC Xfractor: 1 (Wyatt Toregas #100/199)

Auto: 2 (A.J. Pollock & Tyler Matzek

Set Break Down:

RC Base: 55 of 55 100% (35 Dupes)
RC Chrome: 29 of 55 53%

Prospect Base: 70 of 75 93%

Prospect Chrome: 44 of 75 58%

WBC Base: 26 of 35 74% (All from 2nd Box)

WBC Chrome: 13 of 35 37% (All from 1st Box)

Overall Review: About 3 packs into box 1 I knew I had a good box as I pulled the Aflac Auto of Donavan Tate. That card has more value then the 2 of the boxes combined cost me so everything else was icing on the cake. Box 1 continued to impress with a Prospect Blue & Orange Refractor & Refractor Auto. Box 2 to me was a dud I did get 2 Autos which beat the odds but nothing that even came close to box 1. I have to say for millionth time this year I’m tired of the WBC cards there better not be a single one a 2010 product. How many foreign player cards do I need that I don’t collect and most people don’t want. I have to say on the RC cards most photography is extremely well done. I do also really like that auto are all on card which is a plus.  I’m split 50/50 if I should buy more boxes @ $56 if you get another box like box 1 its great but if you break box 2 again I’d be disappointed for now I’ll hold off.  



  1. Yeah, WBC cards sorta ruined an otherwise wonderful product. It’s strange Topps didn’t realize collectors wouldn’t want cards of players nobody will ever know or see.

    But then again, card companies started putting non-baseball cards in baseball packs, so they don’t really seem to know their market very well. Now batting clean-up, The Eiffel Tower!

  2. Yea, I was pretty uopset when I got a bunch of WBC cards from products back in 06, and that is one of the reasons why I stayed away from 09 wax this year, that and the UD 20th anniversary crap just didn’t do it for me.

    The only product non-baseball cards work in is Allen and Ginter. Any other product like heritage or even a A piece of History, just looks awful. When I buy a pack of baseball cards, I expect baseball cards, not historical or politcal cards, baseball cards.

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