Posted by: Chris | December 26, 2009

1955 Bowman Stood The Test Of Time

Looking back on some of the older sets that were produced in the 50’s and 60’s, one set really stands out to me, much like the iconic 1952 Topps cards, or the great sideways 1960 Topps cards, the set is 1955 Bowman. The 55 Bowman set, or the TV set, as some refer to it, has a design to the cards that had never been done before, and still hasn’t to this day. The idea behind these cards is that you are looking at a television screen and watching a baseball game in color, which was very big at the time. It gave you the sense that you were actually looking at a T.V. watching a baseball game, and your favorite player comes up and you get to watch him up close.

Here are my only 3 1955 Bowman cards, I recieved them in a trade from Crawford Cards.

Though the 3 players weren’t spectacular, they mean an awful lot to me by being Chicago Cubs.They are bob Talbot, Bubba Church, and Warren Hacker.

I highly recomend picking up at least one of these cards off of ebay. It doesn’t have to be Willie Mays or Mickey Mantle, but a common from your favorite team will only cost you a couple bucks with shipping. It’s well worth it to own one of the greatest and most original baseball card sets in history.



  1. Glad you dig those! When I came across them I had to get them b/c they’re so awesome. I agree—the ’55 Bowman is pretty outstanding.

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