Posted by: Chris | December 23, 2009

Sweet Meijer Bargains!

The last few times I’ve got retail, they have all been from Meijer, which is surprising because usually, there card selection is quite limited. However, recently they have really improved their selection and always seem to have older blasters and packs marked down significantly. For example, I have bought blasters for $5.00 dollars and packs for $1.00 dollar, usually, the same packs are sold at Target for about $3.00 dollars. So, here are the results of the 3 packs of 2009 Topps Update for a buck a pack, and a $5.00 pack gaurenteed 3 packs and a relic card:

These where my first packs of Topps Updates & Highlights. I really enjoyed the flagship this year, the desing is nice and clean and really is a huge improvement from the last 2 years of Topps cards. I got some pretty nice inserts, as you can see. When I opened the pack with the Brooks Robinson, at first I thought it was a 1/1 platinum parellel because all I saw was the border, but then I realized it was just the retail-only legends of the game cards. Bummer. I also got some nice rookies and, like most other people, love the Turkey Red inserts. The Dan Haren All-Star card really made the pack as I was hopeing to get one!

Here was the result from the $5.00 relic pack thingy, (They really should have a universal name for these things, it’d make it easier to type.) My 3 packs where 2007 Fleer Ultra, 2007 Topps Series 2, and 2008 Tristar projections series 2. I was surprised to see a pack of Projections in one of these things, I just figured they threw in old flagship packs that nobody wanted. Cool! Here’s what I got:

No can’t-miss prospects in this pack, but I still enjoyed getting one of these. The most noteable prospect in the pack was Max Ramirez, I guess.

This was the only highlight in the pack of Fleer Ultra, which is pretty sweet. I love it when I pull a nice looking Cubs card I don’t already have.

As for the pack of Topps, I got nothing, I already had all the base and I didn’t get any inserts, so I figured their was no point in scanning crap.

Here was the big pull of the pack. I think pulling a jersey card of a future Hall of Famer is pretty good, I knew going into this I wasn’t going to pull anything nearly as good as the Willie McCovey relic I got a few weeks ago.


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