Posted by: Chris | December 22, 2009

Retail Is Always Good To Me

The more and more I buy retial lately, the more it seems that I am doing really good with my pulls. My latest purchase was no exception to my good luck.

The other day I went to Meijer to do some Christmas shopping, (yea I know, I’m a pretty big procrastinator.) So I decided to check out their baseball card selection. Much to my surprise they had a sign that said 30% off all cards, so I figured, why not? And decided to buy a blaster of 2007 Bowman Heritage for only $5.00 dollars, as well as 3 packs of 2009 Topps Updates and highlights, and a $5.00 box with 1 gaurenteed relic card and 3 bonus packs, similiar to the one pulled the Willie McCovey relic in.

So, here are the results of the Heritage blaster, man did I smash the odds per box on this one!

Nothing to spectacular in the base card department, but as you can see, I pulled some very nice rookie cards, 2 different Joba Chamberlain rookies, NL ROY winner Chris Coghlan, and Cubs center fielder, Sam Fuld. Pretty nice huh? Don’t worry, it gets better…

Yipppiieee!!! I beat the odds of and pulled a relic card of some washed up pitcher who couldnstike out a little Leaguer. Oh well, the point is, I pulled a non-garuenteed jersey card out of a $5.00 dollar blaster. So I figured that was it for the hits right? Nope:

Sweet! 2 hits in 8 packs! Even though it’s an auto of a no-name player, I was pretty happy to have pulled a second hit in the box. The best part, it’s an on card auto! Not bad for $5 bucks huh? 2 hits and a couple of nice rookie cards.

If anyone is interested, all of these cards are for trade.



  1. Wow wish they sold these blasters by my house.

  2. Dude…. Your talking about my boy there, let me remind you that he was ROY 03 plus he was a major part of the 03 WS Champ’s Marlins team. Washed up? Not so much, he has issues but what player doesn’t… D-Train is a 20 game winner also and a member of the Black Aces…. He’ll be back!

  3. By the way picked up 2 nomar gu relics…

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