Posted by: Chris | December 21, 2009

Ridiculous Ebay Auctions

I was going over some Dan Haren cards on ebay and I came across this one. Now, considering that their is another 1/1 printing plate from 2009 Triple threads up for bid right above it when you search “Haren 1/1” and the bid is only $32.00 I would say the seller’s asking price is a tad bit expensive. I have also seen several other printing plates from this years triple threads sell and not one of them has even cracked $60 dollars. So why on earth does this seller think he can get $250 dollars for his card? For the price he is asking for that one card, I could have bought 4 other white whales of Dan Haren from the same set, and still have enough money left over to buy a few singles.

The worst part with this seller is that all of the items he is selling are all ridiculously overpriced. If you look at some of the other baseball cards he’s selling, you will see their are priced at about 3 times as much as you’d pay if you won it at auction. Now, I’m no expert on old posters, but after doing some research on them on ebay, his posters are, as you might have guessed, overpriced as well.

One can only wonder how long all of that stuff will sit on ebay, unwanted by anyone because all of it is incredibly overpriced. It’s a shame too, he’s got some real nice cards that die-hard collectors will never have the chance to own because this guy is over-valueing them.



  1. As a player collector, these dudes kill me. They just dangle stuff out there until they can get someone to bite on their overpriced cards. [profane] jerks.

  2. yea i know what you mean, its terrible that I cant own this card because of this jerks high expectations for his card

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