Posted by: Chris | December 20, 2009

Oh How The Mighty Have Fallen

Thanks to some cards from a trade I made a while back, I decided to do a “tribute” if you will, to the once great slugger, Sammy Sosa. Enjoy!

Sammy Sosa as a slim, slap-hitting, youngster on the Chicago White Sox.

Sammy Sosa as a large, muscular, energetic, hitting machine, doing his trademark after a home run for the Chicago Cubs. This was when the great Sammy Sosa was in his prime as he was no longer a slap hitter, but a juiced up monster.

Sammy Sosa as an ageing, tired old man who can’t hit his weight. This once MVP now a broken down old man fighting to stay in the big leagues.

Sammy Sosa getting his second wind, battling it out one last season, trying to reach the immortal 600 home run club. Sammy has now come full circle, he can retire wih 600+ home runs and a hall of fame worthy career right?

Sammy S0sa after life kicked his ass. He was proven to have used steriods and his great baseball legacy was now destroyed. But the worst part was, he turned himself into a white guy! Sammy must have really taken the whole Michael Jackson death pretty hard, because obviosly he lived his life the same way MJ did. Don’t belive me? take a look for youself:

5 Easy Steps To Be Just Like Michael Jackson

1) become a legend and have millions of fans that love you-check

2) Screw it all up by doing something stupid that ruins your career-check

3) try to make a comeback because you regret doing step 2-check

4)take drugs, because everyone knows, drugs make everything better!-check

5) become a white guy! because society likes you more when your white!-check

See? they are practically brothers. What’s one more Jackson in the family right? Anyways, good luck on getting into the hall of fame Sammy, you’ll need it…



  1. It is very sad anyway we cut it.

    Sosa did mega steroids, no doubt, but so did a pretty large percentage of players during that era and hardly any other player came even close to what Sosa accomplished.

    I wonder if he ever imagined just how far he would fall. I wonder if he is even honest with himself about it all.

  2. Im not sure but i do know that back in 04, things were not good between cubs fans and sosa, he went from the face of the franchise to pretty much being hated out of town similiar to milton bradley, ( just a side coincidence, both Sammy and Milton both played right field and both wore number 21)
    I honestly dont think sosa deserved whe he got from us, but it really is his own fault.

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