Posted by: Chris | December 18, 2009

Milton Bradley Traded!!!!!!!

This is the greatest day of my life! Well, not really, but just the fact the Bradley is gone makes it pretty darn good.

Today, Clubhouse cancer Milton Bradley was traded to the Seattle Mariners for Carlos Silva and cash. Now, off the bat you’d think this deal would be stupid because Silva’s contract has 2 years and $25 million dollars left, as where Bradley has 2 years and only $21 million dollars, not to mention Silva is complete trash. But the key to this trade was that the Cubs also recieved $9 million dollars from the M’s, coverign the difference in contracts(about 3 million dollars difference.) So this means the Cubs coudl ultimatley release Carlos Silva and still have about $6 million to spend on a real player, or, just keep Silva until Ted Lilly is healthy and then move him to the bullpen.

Either way, Milton Bradley is no longer a Chicago Cub! He’s your headache now, Seattle!


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