Posted by: Chris | December 17, 2009

trade From Crawford Cards

Today I got a sweet package from Crawford Cards. I sent him a bunch of Carl Crawfords, B.J. Uptons and other Rays cards, as well as 2 Aubrey Huff relics and a Jason Kubel jersey from my recent box break of 2009 Upper Deck. In return, he sent me some AMAZING cards. Along with a bunch of awesome Cubs cards he sent me, Here are the highlights:

what would an awesome trade be without a couple of Nomar cards I needed? These two are pretty sweet and the Topps Finest is so cool. It’s numbered 338/399.

He also sent me an amazing looking Mark Prior auto from 2002 Topps T206. Mark Prior always brings up terrible memories being a Cubs fan. He was destined to become the next Cy Young with all the hype and talent surrounding him. Unfortunatley, his arm was destroyed by Dusty Baker in 2003, and Mark never become the superstar that he could of been. He had the talent and electric stuff to do it, but a 21 year old can only take so many innings of work before he just breaks down. Hey, at least the it’s an on card auto! (pun intended.)

Next, I recieved a sweet Alfonso Soriano auto from 2001 Fleer. I am very curios as to why they used that incredibly weird sticker for the auto though…hmmm why would they use such an ugly thing? Anyway, this is my first Soriano auto and even though he has the most backloaded contract in Cubs history, I don’t hate him as much as some Cubs fans do. I think he can rebound this year and be successful again. Sure he won’t be a 40-40 man ever again bu a 20 steals, 30 home runs season could be reachable.

Thereis something else he sent over in this trade, and is probably the best thing I have ever recieved in a trade. I will be doing a special post on it in the next few days so stay tuned for it.

Thanks again for the amazing cards!



  1. Glad you dig the principal cards. I’ve had them for a while and they needed a good home. I’m planing a post for what you sent over, which was awesome! Thanks again for the great trade—can’t wait to see the next post.

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