Posted by: Chris | December 16, 2009

Which Company Was Supreme In 2009?

This was a relatively good year with Upper Deck and Topps’ flagships. Compared to the misserable 2007 and 2008 designs Topps put out for their flagship, 2009 was a HUGE improvement. They finally got with the program and removed the facsimile autographs on the cards, making them much more appealing for autograph seekers, as well as adding much more room for the photo and less room for the intrussive boarders, which were also a huge improvment from the ugly black borders in 07 and the huge white ones in 08. Another thing Topps improved on this year was it’s photography. The last two years Topps used many, lazy, re-used, boring, actionless photos. But this year, they really stepped it up and got a lot of really nice shots for the cards.

Upper Deck, who put out a decent flagship in 2007, really collapsed in 08, with the very boring design and incredibly tiny font, Changed it up this year. They finally added a team logo to the front of their cards for the first time since 2006. They also added a nice border design, and even increased the font size, making it easier and faster for people to view the player’s names.

So, with two very nice designs by both companys, which do you think was the best of the two flagships this year?


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