Posted by: Chris | December 15, 2009

My Dream Card Is Back On Ebay

It’s been over a year since this beauty has been on ebay. While I have no intent to purchase the card, it would be a dream come true to own it and would really set my Nomar collection apart from the rest. It is the exact same one that sold for $233 dollars the last time it was on ebay, the same card numbered 2/5.

Maybe one day, I will have the distinct honor of buying this gem, but until that day arrives, I will have to keep nickel and dimeing my Nomar collection.

Do you have a dream card that would become the centerpiece of your collection?



  1. picked up some Nomar card at the shop for ya…. i’ll send a pic tonight to see if you need any!

  2. sounds good thanks alot

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