Posted by: Chris | December 14, 2009

Trade From GCRL

Jim from Garvey Cey Russell Lopes, sent me some awesome Cubs cards from a trade we made a few weeks ago. He also sent me some Nomars I needed, as well as an unexpected surprise…

Last time I checked, Aramis wasn’t Cher, and he had a last name…Were could it have gone? Are there any other Hertiage cards out their with missing last names? Is this a super rare variation card? These questions will forever haunt me….Oh and my 2009 Heritage Cubs checklist is now complete with this one. Thanks Jim!

Next, Jim sent me 4 Nomars I didn’t have including a 1998 Topps base card. How is it possible I am missing a base card of Nomar?? O well, it’s here now and it’s never leaving.

He also sent me a Samardzija that I didn’t have, a T206 Base card. I actually like these cards. When Topps did T206 back in the early part of this decade, I wasn’t too impressed. It seems they really stepped it up this time around and I am very pleased.

And finally, the big surprise Jim sent me, this awesome looking manufactured patch of ex-Cub and former nobody, Jon Leicester.(pronounced Lester.)  I have acutally heard of this guy before. He was a “prospect” back in 2003 and was supposed to be a decent pitcher but obviosly never panned out. Still an awesome looking card though.

I had a blast going through these Jim. Thanks again!



  1. you’re welcome! i’ll have a post up this week returning the thanks.

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