Posted by: Chris | December 14, 2009

Roy Halladay To Phillies In Three Team Blockbuster!

Wow. I did not see this one coming. Today, Roy Halladay was traded to the Phillies in a three way deal that sent Cliff Lee to the Mariners, and the Mariners and Phillies sent prospects to the Blue Jays. This blows away the Curtis Granderson deal as biggest trade of the offseason. The Mariners really came out ahead on this one, only giving up half the prospects needed and obtained an Ace pitcher to an already amazing rotation headed by Felix Hernandez. The M’s already had the lowest ERA last year and will be even better this year with former Cy-Young winner Cliff Lee. It appears as if the Mariners are a serious threat in the AL West this year.

The Blue Jays got the prospects they wanted from both the Phillies and Mariners, as well as clearing some payroll yo begin rebuilding. The Phillies have now just obtained the most dominant pitcher in the game who has spent his entire career pitching against the dreaded AL East. Just think of how much better his numbers will be now that he will be playing for a contender in the NL.



  1. I’m not sold that Halladay is going to live up to expectations in Philadelphia, but it could very well turn out to be the best trade of the offseason.

  2. I’m really curios to see how the prospects pan out like in the grady sizemore, cliff lee, brandon phillips for bartolo colon deal back in the expos days.

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