Posted by: Chris | December 13, 2009

Could This Be The Coolest Insert Ever?

No, this post isn’t about Donruss Crusade or the Elite Series, it’s about a fun, creative idea put out by Fleer in 2003. They are called Standout Figures. I recieved 2 Nomar ones in a trade a little while back:

These cool things where inserted into packs of Fleer in 2003 and had an amazing checklist of star players in both fielding and batting poses that you could punch out of the card and build to make a mini figure of your favorite player. They are made out of hard plastic so they won’t break easily.

If your favorite player was included in the set, you would probably want one of these too right? So if Fleer, now Upper Deck, is looking to make a huge splash in the hobby and one-up Topps, I believe they should consider resurrecting Standouts. I mean, Topps already has Big Stix which is basically giant stickers in a pack, so who is to say Upper Deck can’t make a pack of 4 Standouts? Or maybe insert them into packs like Fleer did. It would sure be better then pulling another Yankee Stadium Legacy or 20th anniversary card.


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