Posted by: Chris | December 13, 2009

Case Break Ideas

I’ve been thinking about this for a while now, but wanted the site to build a fan-base so there would be enough interest. I am thinkng about doing a group case break for those of you who are interested. I have not picked a product yet and I am going to put up a poll to let you guys decide, A) How many people would be interested in doing this, and B) What product we should do. It doesn’t matter the expense, so long as their is enough interest. If more people are interested in a case of 2007 SP Rookie edition, the cost would be a little under 10 dollars for 30 people. If you guys where interested in something like Sweet Spot or Ticket to Stardom, it would be a lot more. I will give you guys plenty of options in the poll, but if there is something you’d like that isn’t in the poll, leave a comment with the product name and I will add it.

**One important note** I do not have access to a camera to film the break. I have no interest in robbing cards from you guys or ripping anyone off, but if this is going to be a problem, I can set up a deal with another blogger who does have access to a camera to do it instead. Let me know if this will be a concern to anyone.

As for the teams, I will do it through and assign everyone teams that way. You can buy more then one spot if you so choose.

I have run and participated in group breaks before so I have a good idea on how to do them and what works the best. Thanks guys for your interest


  1. I’d definitely be interested, a lot more depending on cost than on product.

  2. I’d be interested if I could get the Yankees cards. anything under $30 works for me.

  3. The products that would be under 30 are: 2007 Fleer Ultra SE, SP Rookie Edition(personal preference.) 2006 Future Stars, and timelines let me know if you guys are interested in these

    Others that arent in the poll but also available options are 08 razor by the letter and 08 razor signature edition both under 30 as well

  4. if either of you guys can help spread the word, it would be greatly apreciated, im hoping to start this by next weekend or late this week so any help is much appreciated and ill get you guys the teams you want; Rays Yanks and if you want multiple spots and want other teams let me know.

  5. i’m down…..

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