Posted by: Chris | December 12, 2009

Trade From Texas Rangers Cards

Today I recieved another trade in the mail. It was from Spiff of Texas Rangers Cards. He sent over a stack of awesome old-school Cubs cards plus a couple Nomar cards I needed.

He sent over these 2 Nomars, both in Cubs uniforms. I really love the design on the first card from Fleer Patchworks.

Can someone please tell me why theres a bear watching Jeremi Gonzalez pitch? My guess is that he’s wondering why in the world Jeremi is playing baseball in the forest? This card is so ridiculous that I absolutley love it. Thanks for the weirdest card in the history of baseball cards Spiff! This card is from Skybox Metal Universe. If anyone can tell me the deal with these, and if there are more wierd ones then just Gonzalez throwing in the wilderness, I would really appreciate it.

Two Cubbie could-have-beens. I sometimes lie awake at night thinking about what the Cubs would be like if only Wood and Prior would have been healthy. They could have been the greatest 1-2 pitching combo in the game, both of them in their primes right now with Prior at age 28 and Wood at age 31. Oh well…

Following the same could-have-been trend here with Brooks Kieschnick. He is an entirly seperate post for another day though.

Thanks a lot for the great cards! If you get a chance, be sure to check out his blog and ask about trading with him, he’s a great guy and a great trader.



  1. Glad to hear that you got the trade and liked the cards. Let me know when you’re wanting to do another trade.

  2. If you think that Gonzalez is weird, you should see the Ryne Sandberg. He’s being chased by a rhinoceros! The whole set is crazy, but in a good way.

  3. haha I might actually consider building the set if all cards are like that. interesting…

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