Posted by: Chris | December 12, 2009

2010 Hall Of Fame Ballot Part 1

In early January, the inductees of the 2010 Hall of Fame will be announced. There are several people on this years ballot who deserve to get in. I am going to go through some of the names in a three-part series, look over the player’s career’s, and see if they should make it or not. First, here is a list of potential inductees;

Roberto Alomar
Harold Baines
Bert Blyleven
Andre Dawson
Andres Galarraga
Barry Larkin
Edgar Martinez
Don Mattingly
Fred McGriff
Mark McGwire
Jack Morris
Dale Murphy
Dave Parker
Tim Raines
Lee Smith
Alan Trammell

Roberto Alomar: He had himself a grat career, hit for a high average and had some pop in his bat. Does he deserve to get in? Yes. Will he be a first ballot guy? No. My guess is it will take him a while to get in, but eventually he will get in.

Harold Baines: He played a long 22 years in the majors. He had himself a nice batting average and played the game the right way. But the fact that he was a DH and really didn’t have tremendous power will be the decideing factor for him. Does he get in? No. My guess is he will fall just of entry in a few years.

Bert Blyleven: He is probably the most qualified pitcher on the ballot. He had over 3,000 strike outs, 287 wins and a career 3.31 ERA. My question is, HOW IN THE WORLD IS HE NOT IN THE HOF? He deserves to be in. 3,000 K’s alone should get him in, and if he wasn’t on such bad teams, he would have had 300 wins. He deffinitly deserves to be in the hall.

Andre Dawson: I’m trying to not sound biased because I’m a Cubs fan, but come on! If Jim Rice got in it should be mandatory that Dawson gets in. He has better numbers then Rice in practically every catagorie there is! He also played longer then Rice and was much more feared as a hitter. Not to mention that Dawson won the NL MVP for a last place team, something that would never happen in today’s game.

Andres Galarraga: He had himself a very nice career, but his average and power numbers were just no good enough in my opinion. He will hang around on the ballot for awhile, but when it comes time, he will fall just short. But hey, I think he should have a special award for having a cool name that Harry Caray loved to say on the air.

So far we have Dawson and Blyleven getting in this year, with Alomar making it in the future. Harold Baines and Andres Galarraga will fall just short of making it in. Check back next week for part 2 of the candidates.



  1. Dawson’s definitely getting in this year. Beyond that, I wouldn’t venture a guess. It’s too unpredictable.

  2. I hope he gets in.. I remember last year, except from henderson i didn’t think anyone else was gettig in, especially rice so you never know what’ll happen

  3. Alomar will be in, and shouldn’t have to wait more than a year or two if he doesn’t make it this year.

    I do think the Big Cat has a fair shot, though he’s probably got a lengthy wait ahead of him. His stats are right there with Cepeda and Jim Rice, so he at least deserves to hang around in the upper echelon of the ballot to the bitter end of his eligibility. I’d say he’s the very definition of borderline.

    I have zero expectation of Harold Baines getting in, but I’ll hold out hope. He’s definitely in the bottom tier of those listed, but I’m rooting for him.

    I agree completely on Bert Blyleven. Why are we even discussing him still? He should’ve gotten in very early this decade at the very latest.

    Andre Dawson HAS to get in this year. He should’ve gotten in well before now too.

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