Posted by: Chris | December 11, 2009

An Open Letter To All Card Companies…

Dear Topps, Upper Deck, Panini and Razor,

I have been looking over the names and overall quality of “cut signature” cards on ebay and on trade forums. From what I can tell, there are cut autos produced of everyone from famous american heros, to legendary baseball players, to decised presidents, all produced by a variety of  companies. However, there is one group that all four of you have seemed to over-look. That group is television show creators. I have two specific people in mind, both who made incredibly popular T.V. shows back in the 1960’s. Their names are Alfred Hitchcock and Rod Serling. They both are increasingly popular today with stations like Me-TV and Me-Too now airing on thousands of cable networks. I for one am a huge fan of both of these guys for two different reasons. For Hitchcock, not only did he make an incredible show, but he also produced several great movies that air on stations like Turner Classic Movies. Rod Serling, however, will always stand out among the rest. He brought together Science Fiction and mystery in one show, while also bringing forth life-lessons and important messages about people,understanding, and compassion for one-another. Some episodes really dipicted his messages that he wanted to send to people who watched his show. That is why the Twilight Zone will always be important to me, as well as others. Just look at some of the prices of what his stuff sells for on ebay and you will see that people still love Rod Serling today. Shows and movies like the ones Hitchcock and Serling wrote and created will always be viewed by audiences of all ages and will always be shown and never forgotton.

So, the question I have for the companies is this; In the current market which is flooded with cuts of presidents and legendary athletes, which company will change it up and do something a little different? Which company will have the distinction of creating cut signature cards of great American Television creaters liek Rod Serling and Alfred Hitchcock?


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