Posted by: Chris | December 10, 2009

Awesome Mail Day

Today I recieved some pretty cool stuff in the mail. I recieved 2 ebay auctions that I am really excited about. Then I got a package from Paul at Paul’s Random Stuff. I sent him a bunch of Mets cards and he sent me a ton of awesome Cubbies.(scans coming soon.) In the meantime, here are the 2 cards I got from ebay.

First up, I got a Nomar Garciaparra Pinnacle Certified Mirror Red card. I love the design and shinyness of this card. These are a must own if your a player collector from the 90’s. If anyone out their has the blue or gold versions, I would deffinitley be interested, same thing goes for the Pinnacle Totally Certified.

Finally, a 2007 Bowman Chrome Jeff Samardzija blue refractor auto. I’ve been lookign to purchase this one for awhile, but they haven’t shown up on ebay in a long time. Luckily I was able to get this one very cheap. As far as the 07 Bowman Chrome Samardzija’s go, I have the regular, refractor, xfractor, and blue refractor.


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