Posted by: Chris | December 9, 2009

I Knew Retail Would Dissapoint Me Sooner or Later

today I decided to test my luck on a blaster of 09 Upper Deck series 2. Big Mistake. I came away with absolutely nothing base card wise, the inserts were junk, and my relic wouldn’t fetch me a quarter on ebay. For anyone interested, here is what I got for my $18.00

I HATE presidential cards with a passion. Why they continually put them in packs I will never understand. I get why they did it last year because of the election, but it’s over. So stop replacing my BASEBALL cards with a bunch of politicians in my BASEBALL pack of BASEBALL cards. I am not purchasing political packs of cards or whatever you would lik to call them.

Here we are again with the non-BASEBALL related cards in my box of BASEBALL cards. Honestly, why on earth would I want a basketball card? I hate basketball, I hate it more the football. The 20th anniversary cards are terrible and probably the reason UD lost their license.

Of course, the first baseball card-related insert I get is of a White Sox. That figures…Aside from the horrible player, the O-Pee-Chee cards are really nice looking and if I was rich I would deffinitly buy a few boxes.

And for those few of you interested in the ever so boreing Starquest inserts, here they are. I must say, they are a huge improvement from last years Starquest and have a nice 90’s look to them, but being so common really effects their value and interest level.

Finally, here is my amazing hit of the box, a Jason Kubel jersey. Yahooey! This is why Topps had a better flagship this year, variety of popular inserts, BASEBALL related inserts, nice looking patch cards that actually have value on ebay, and sweet looking parallels.

If anyone is interested, all of these cards are up for trade.



  1. Sometimes it seems like no matter what you rip they steal your money. Painful stuff.

  2. For better or worse I’d like the Rangers SQ cards.

  3. I doubt you would have done better with hobby. I don’t think there was anything very exciting in the Upper Deck base set this year.

  4. Play at the plate, send me an email at if your interested in the rangers cards. Check out my wantlist at the top of the page to see what I collect. thanks

    Paul, deffinitly agree with you, I really enjoyed Topps this year, UD seemed to be lacking something important in their flagship this year

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