Posted by: Chris | December 9, 2009

Box Break: Topps Unique

I am very proud to announce that legendary boxbreaker, Mr. Scott, formerly of Waxheaven, will now be featuring his box break results here at oncardautos. Here is Mr. Scott’s latest break, Topps unique:

Product: 2009 Topps Unique

Boxes: 2 Boxes

Packs: 24

Cards: 7

Price: $105  per Box (Includes Shipping)

Box 1

Base Set: 115 of 150 77% Complete (2 Dupes)

Rookie Base: 12 (#/2699)

Red Parallel: 21

Bronze Parallel: 2 (Matt Laporta #31/99 & Justin Upton #71/99)

Solo Shot Jersey: 1 ( Jimmy Rollins #009/275)

Prime Time Patches: 1 (Torii Hunter #66/99)

Solo Shot Auto: 1 (Curtis Granderson)

Box 2

Base Set:  114 of 150 76% Complete (4 Dupes)

Rookie Base: 12 (#/2699)

Red Parallel: 20

Bronze Parallel: 1 (Chase Utley #37/99)

Alone at the Top Gold: 1 (Hanley Ramirez #12/25)

Dual Distinction: 1 ( Ellsbury/Pedroia #65/99)

Prime Time Patches: 1 (David Ortiz #74/99)

Solo Shot Auto: 1 (Max Scherzer)

Set Break Down:

Base Set:  150 of 150 100% Complete (85 Dupes)

Overall Review: I was not overly thrilled with this product I did get a really good deal at $105 but the cards just didn’t do anything for me. The base cards have way to much wasted black space on them. There was no need for Topps to make the red parallel cards so thick as few a them are dented because they are thicker. It just doesn’t make sense because the bronze is not a thick card do all or do nothing. The best cards out of both boxes were in box 2 the Ortiz Patch was really nice & the dual Red Sox card. The solo shot autos are strange that they aren’t numbered but the Jerseys are. Also strange that Scherzer & granderson were part of a 3 way trade today. The only good thing is you can complete a set very easily in 2 boxes which is nice. If this product dropped to $60 I’d consider buying it and take a chance with pulling some of the case hits but at $105 I wouldn’t buy another box and this was a product I was looking forward to for months,



  1. Congrats on the pick up of Mr.Scott….Nice maybe the bloging world better watch out for you…. Even maybe ROY award….. Keep up the great work!!

  2. haha I would be happy if my blog reaches 1000 hits by the end of the year. thanks for the comment

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