Posted by: Chris | December 7, 2009

Flair Showcase, Nothing Short of Spectacular

Going through my Nomar Garciaparra card’s yesterday, I noticed a trend in well designed cards. As I looked at the brand of these cards they all said Flair Showcase. Off the top of my head I really didn’t know too much about the company, but I did know that each year, there base cards looked more and more spectacular, and the inserts where out of this world. Flair really took the time to focus on design and photography, something Topps and Upper Deck can’t seem to figure out how to do. With Flair Showcase, it wasn’t about the hits at all, it was about a very nice looking product all the way down to the pack design. I couldn’t find a picture, but each pack of Flair Showcase came in a cigarette-like box that had 10 cards per pack.

If you were to talk about design in the 90’s, Flair Showcase was bound to come up. Check out some pictures of cards they created below. Every card but the Nomar is a base card. Now think about collecting today, if your a true collector and not in it for the “hits”, how much would you pay for an insert like that? Now imagine buying a pack and getting 9 cards that look just like it, plus an incredibl looking insert. Flair really knew how to create cards.

Perhaps Topps and Upper Deck should call up the designers of Flair Showcase so they can learn how to really design a baseball card.


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